The Las Vegas Shooting and its Impact

On October 1, 9:59 p.m. Stephen Paddock shoots a security guard before opening fire at 22,000 concertgoers below. At 10:15, Paddock fires his final shots and the police begin to arrive on scene. At 11:20, the Police break into Paddock's hotel room, finding him dead on the floor from a self-inflicted wound. At the moment, there is no evidence of a motive that led to the death of 58 people and over 500 people injures. However, there is speculation that the killer had planned to escape with help from an accomplice. After further investigation, the police discovered 23 weapons in Paddocks hotel room as well as another 19 in his home. He had large stockpiles of ammunition in his hotel room and had a high rate of fire. In addition, the police found a note inside his room with calculations of distance, wind, and trajectory. To learn more about the Las Vegas Shooting chaeck out these links!

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